Change Management

Change has never been this fast, or this complex. Big changes are the new normal. Some organisations are already up for the challenge. Most are not.

Why do 70% of organisational change projects
fail to deliver outcomes ?

That is an appalling statistic for organisations operating in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. So, let’s turn the question around: what does it take to make change successful?

One thing is for sure: piecemeal and sporadic actions are never enough. Driving change takes a structured approach and consistent efforts. That is what the discipline of Change Management is concerned with. Change Management processes and tools have quickly evolved over the last decades to better help organisations thrive in turbulence.

why change management

Change Management is the most effective way to make changes that stick.

Why Change Management? Mastering the art of change in uncertain times gives you a leading edge. Failing to do so can seriously compromise your chances to stay in the game. But while thousands of promising change initiatives are being kicked off every day, the massive failure rate is a constant reminder that change is not a journey you can embark on unprepared. One common mistake is to focus on the technical side of change alone. Yet, even the best-engineered solution can fail if not adopted by the people and used over the long haul. Organisations do not change. People do. Change Management provides fully integrated and result-oriented solutions to complex human challenges. No matter the size of the organisation and scope of the change, Change Management is the best and most effective way to deal with the people side of change.

Why change management
why change management

Put people first, win the long-distance race.

What is Change Management? Change Management (abbreviated CM) is a structured approach designed to “prepare, equip and support individuals, teams and the organisation” in the process of implementing the change. In short, applied Change Management guides people through their personal transition to embrace new working routines comfortably and effectively. Change happens one person at a time. Each trajectory counts. It is the sum and sync of individual changes that generates long-lasting organisational change.

What is change management

Change Management happens at multiple levels.

You need Change Leaders who will inspire and ignite action. You can act at the project and portfolio level. Or you can go one step further to build full-fledged organisational change capabilities (Enterprise Change Management or ECM). In any case, all plans and activities should be calibrated to fit the context and specificities of your organisation. Whatever your needs, NEXUM knows how to help. Build a future-proof organisation with Change Management!

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